Eden EcoSystem (EES) Features

Clinical Laboratories

Integration options to meet your unique needs

Eden can enhance any laboratory LIS/LIMS system by interfacing and providing state of the art software that does not require a replacement of current LIS/LIMS. Eden offers affordable customized software that can change and adapt in a rapid everchanging industry that maximizes the ability to move on opportunities and use this technology to grow your business.

Monitor All Data Points

Eden can real time monitor all data points for compliance, billing, specimen data points.

HL-7 and SFTP File-Based Process Interface

HL-7 and or any SFTP file-based process interface through a EHES SFTP hosted site.

Smooth Systems Transition

Manual process that can be adopted while the interface is being developed.

Flexible Integration

EES can interface with any LIS or LIMS system – tho no LIS replacement is necessary to engage EES.

Custom Business Rules

EES separates the process from Received at the lab and accessioned to give the laboratory staff the option to apply your business rules before releasing the order through the Accessing process.

Enhances LIS Functionality

EES can be used to enhance any or all of your LIS to fit your laboratory needs.

Paperless Process

Completely electronic order and results process.

Convert Paper Requisitions

EES Paper wizard can be utilized to manually convert paper requisitions to electronic orders.

Scanner-less Paper Conversion

Process to use a camera that converts to .pdf to attach all paper received with a specimen. No scanners are needed in this process.

Access for Billing Company or Staff

Billing Company or Billing staff can be permitted to access order and result data in a real-time environment.

Enhance Turnaround Times

EES can electronically monitor all data points to reduce staff time and report the information to the laboratory staff to enhance turnaround times and identify specimens that are not completed in a timeframe that you define.

Logistics Management Module

Logistics management module to track supplies sent to accounts. Improves turnaround times and track supply costs across organization.

Customized Results Reports

Customized Results Reports if interface is in place and Laboratory can provide discrete result data.

Reference Laboratory Extendability

An electronic process to utilize additional Laboratories to create network.

  • EES can track orders to Reference Laboratories using the Manifest sending module.
  • Reference can receive specimens in the Manifest Module to track orders and results.
  • Creates opportunities to enhance your testing menu by networking with your reference laboratories or utilizing a EES networked laboratory.
Improve Billing Process

EES scrubs the specimen data from the creation of the orders to the submitting of the DFT claim.

  • EES can provide DFT files and all supporting documentation to local or third-party billing companies.
  • When the Insurance Verification is utilized properly, a drastic reduction in payer rejections of claims on the front end due to bad data.
  • Improves turnaround times of initial reimbursements.
  • Decreases the labor costs “less staff” on accruing required clean data for billing.
  • Clean data can reduce the invoice percentage on third party billing agreements.
  • Real Time access to all associated data and documentation in Eden with approved permissions.
  • Controlling data required by Payer and Test Type.
  • Reporting of data collected in Eden and reported to the Billers. “Increased Transparency”
Reporting Agencies

Eden can interface with state agencies for Covid-19 reports.

Internal or 3rd Party IT Department Collaboration

IT Departments Internal to each entity or third party: Eden will partner with your IT department to collaborate to provide a smooth integration.

  • EES can interface with any HL-7 or any SFTP file-based process.
  • We have processes for initial non interfaced scenarios.
  • We use Eden hosted SFTP Sites for Orders and Results transfers.
Specimen Data Compliance

Eden’s businesses model is to have all specimen data collected in a unified data base configuration to provide complete transparency for the life cycle of the specimens and supporting documentation. This unified data structure from a compliance perspective gives the administration easy access to all related items in compliance audits.

Access to Eden's Network of Partner Labs

Laboratories in the Eden Eco-system can work together as a reference laboratory. Eden family of laboratories can seamlessly interface to increase revenue by performing reference testing, add to test offerings to your laboratory, work together on validation projects.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Eden uses a strategy to make our affordable pricing simple and tiered to match your business where it is at any time. We also want to create an partnership with you to constantly evaluate on an ongoing basis to ensure that this partnership can be sustained and work for both sides. Eden does not nickel and dime a customer for changes that occur in this every changing industry. Our per transaction model allows you as a business to budget per specimen volume.


Eden benefits the Physician and their staff

Eden enhances practice workflow by offering an all-in-one laboratory management layer that provides an efficient cost savings opportunity that requires a smaller footprint of space, electronic e-signature, notifications and reduces labor costs.


Completely paperless process for ordering labs and receiving results.

HIPPA Compliant

Realtime Cloud based access through HIPAA compliant permissions.

Easy to Use

Easy to use state of the art software that provides a management layer of this extremely important clinical information to make appropriate diagnosis for the patient.

Reduces Cost

Reduces amount of time “labor costs” to create and manage this information.

Convenient Notifications

Notification options from the laboratories for defined critical results.

Reduced Footprint

Reduce footprint in the facility to manage this process which could lead to more space to meet the needs of the patients.

Insurance Eligibility Access

Insurance Eligibility access to staff for determining active coverage before the patient’s appointment. Active insurance data can be merged into Eden without double entry.

Insurance Eligibility greatly reduces the bad data entry opportunities that create interruptions “contacts” by the Account Managers, Laboratories, Billing Companies to acquire missing and errors in data entry. Bad and missing data is a large time consumer of the staff and creates frustration and delays in results which can negatively impact patient care.

Data Monitoring

EES continuously monitors the data and will identify all necessary fields that must be entered for a successful order.

Online Training

New employee training is faster and can be accomplished by online training from the Account Manager.

Save Time

EES is a partner in your practice that reduces the labor “time” that is required for the lab results process.


Capable to interface with your practice EMR/EHR either uni or bi – directional.

Patient Online Ordering Portal

Currently used for Covid-19 and Self Pay Orders

Eden offers a add on module that can be launched from the laboratory website that can offer patients to self-pay orders laboratory tests online. These orders are created in Eden based on the information from the online orders that reduce double entry by the laboratory and provides Patient Portal access to the patients to gain access to their results. This process has minimal labor costs to the laboratory that increases profitability.

Direct Patient Access

Can be added as a link to your website for direct patient access “by creating an account in Eden”.

Secure Online Payments

Payments are secured by “authorized.net” that the laboratory sets up.

Custom Results Access

Laboratory can designate what results can be viewed through the Portal Access.

Automatic Order Setup

Orders are automatically set up in designated account in Eden.

Improved Collection Process

Process to inform laboratory staff or necessary information that would be needed to send collection device and supporting documentation.

Accession Processing

Received through normal Accession process.

Online Results Access

When order is complete and approved, results can be viewed in the account and in the Patient Self-Pay Portal if approved.

Executive Marketing Groups

You can build out your Marketing Organization in EES

Eden can build out the your Marketing Organization structure so that specific permission-based reporting can be created to properly manage the organization. Eden tracks on every specimen, Specimen ID, Account, Account Manager(s), Ordering Physician, Test Type, Operation Group, Executive Group, laboratory performing the test, date stamps of the life cycle of the specimen. This data gives Eden the ability to develop glandular specific data for actionable reports to properly manage the organization daily.

Group Organization

Create Operation Groups (OG) under Executive Groups (EG).

Default Groups

Accounts are set up under OG.

Account Management

Physicians and Account Manager(s) are assigned to accounts.

Laboratory Level Control

Laboratory or Laboratories approved to send specimens from specific accounts.

  • Specialized Activity Reporting to monitor volume.
  • Global or individual Reporting by EG, OP, Accounts, Laboratories, Billing, Account Managers, Accounts, etc.

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