Eden EcoSystem (EES)

Clinical Laboratory Management Software designed to streamline the ordering and reporting process for the patient, physician, and the Laboratory. This laboratory management layer enhances your current process for a more efficient and cost savings workflow. Eden manages the complex data flow from the beginning of the life cycle of each specimen to its conclusion – from the order, to testing, reporting, and preparing the billing data. 

Comprehensive Lab Systems Integration

The lab experience is a complex eco-system of management systems, each designed to serve the needs of its individual user base – the patient, the physician, or the clinical lab. The challenge has been to connect these existing systems in a way that creates a single transparent, seamless, efficient integration that optimizes the lab sample process and reduces human error in the process.

Enter EES – a state-of-the-art software integrated Clinical Laboratory Management layer designed to unify the complicated lab testing and results process. EES is a single-entry system tracks the life cycle of a specimen from creation, to testing, to physician and patient review, to final claim or payment.

Connects every step of the lab testing process

Realtime paperless HIPAA compliant operation

Integrates seamlessly with current lab and patient tracking systems

Streamlining the Entire Laboratory Process

Clinical Labs

Monitors compliance, billing, and specimen data points to improve accuracy and turnaround time for patients.


HIPAA compliant process for ordering labs and receiving results that improves efficiency and reduces costs.


Eden provides an easy-to-use Patient Portal for results timeline updates, notifications, and reports – painless communication.

Sales & Marketing

Complex cross-system patient data tracking offers your sales and marketing teams prime leads for new business.

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Common LIS Problems

  • My LIS needs to be replaced but the thought of that process keeps me up at night, so I just keep it.
  • My LIS is OK, but I really need changes to keep my lab competitive and give my customers what they need. My LIS provider does not want to make the changes that are needed, and the ones they say they can do are prohibitively expensive, and they rarely come in on time.
  • My LIS meets my needs in the laboratory, but the orders and resulting portal is lacking. I need a faster and less expensive way to get customized result reports.
  • The LIS’s that I have reviewed are off the shelf and will force my laboratory into the software’s idea of how it should work.
  • All the above. I just do not know how to do this project and my staff knows we must do something, we just don’t know what?

How Eden Solves Them

Eden Software EcoSystem was designed to overcome the obstacles inherent in the laboratory process. Most labs require 3-5 different third-party software programs to accomplish their daily work output, many of which do not integrate easily together – or at all.

Eden’s process works with your workflow to combine the whole specimen life cycle and laboratory needs into one easy to use solution. Most laboratories have the same issues and bottlenecks and pinch points. Eden has proactively identified these issues and has created workable software solutions that make the lab process more efficient. Our software is proprietary, and our US-based development team is committed to optimizing your workflow into a lean process that allows your laboratory to increase productivity with the same equipment and staff.